Mayor Forgets To Turn Mic Off In Bathroom During COVID Town Meeting

Duty calls sometimes at the most inopportune times... always remember to turn your mic off if it's during a streamed town hall meeting.

The Mayor of Georgetown excused himself to go #2 as a town hall meeting on the Coronavirus was taking place. As the meeting continued, they where interrupted by bathroom sounds and flatulence, because he forgot his mic was on. Thankfully his embarrassment has hit the internet for us all to enjoy in these anxious times. This is just the laugh we needed.

One of the town representatives can't hold it together while she tries to ignore the sounds. .... because farts are hilarious at any age. Let's all hope he washed his hands for more than 20 seconds after that!

This made my day. Hope it does yours too! We're all gonna get through this. My release and escape is laughs and music!

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