Man Arrested For Stealing 1 Roll Of Toilet Paper

(Clearwater Sheriff's Dept Mugshot)

It's getting REALLY REAL out here people. A man in Florida is facing jail time for stealing TP... 1 ROLL! #MoronMonday

Clearwater, FL police where called by a homeowner who just watched a man break into his truck, that was in his driveway, on his Ring door cam. The man grabbed one thing an took off. Arrest reports said the homeowner described the suspect as “tall male with a gray hoodie". Police in the area where quick to respond and found someone fitting that description.

6’ 4”, 230-pound Safraz Shakoor, 25, told them he never broke into a truck in the area but authorized them to search him. Police found 1 roll of TP in his pocket. It was the same roll as the 6-pack that was in the back of the residents Dodge truck, that had one missing.

So now, for ONE ROLL of TP, Shakoor was arrested on a felony burglary charge and booked into the county jail on $5000 bond.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

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