Doja Cat Annoys Glam Team With A Missy Elliot Song In Strange New Video

Photo: Getty Images

Another week, another bizarre social media post from Doja Cat! In the artist's latest TikTok video, she repeatedly says the line "Music make you lose control," best known from Missy Elliot's classic song "Lose Control." (The lyric actually originates from the 1984 song "Body Work" by Hot Streak.)

Doja commits to the bit and doesn't stop repeating the phrase throughout the entirety of the TikTok. All the while, the singer's hairstylist is working on her and looks just as confused as the rest of us. She pans the camera around the room to show her team's reactions to the seemingly random outburst. One person on her team looks like they're trying to get some rest and another seems thrilled by Doja's antics and even joins in for a second.

The "Kiss Me More" singer hilariously captioned the TikTok: "i’m extremely fun and easy to work with and no one has anything bad to say about me because literally i’m so chill and a good friend." Some of the top comments are also hilarious with one fan saying "respectfully, that's enough," and another asking "Doja honey what's going on."

Doja Cat is known for sharing her oddball sense of humor online and we love her for it. Check out some of her funniest TikToks here!

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