WATCH: Dua Lipa Surprises 80-Year-Old Superfan After Going Viral On TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

Dua Lipa shared a sweet moment with an 80-year-old superfan after surprising him on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The fan, known as Papa Richy, went viral in late 2021 after his granddaughter uploaded footage of him receiving tickets to see the singer on her Future Nostalgia Tour to TikTok.

"Dua Lipa in concert?" Richy exclaims. "Are you sh*tting me?" His enthusiastic reaction struck a chord with the internet and the TikTok has racked up nearly 2 million likes since it was posted. Papa Richy got a once-in-a-lifetime chance on March 3 when he met the pop star during her appearance on The Tonight Show, but he had no idea what would be happening.

“We reached out to him, pretending that we were a radio station in New York and told him that he won a contest for the number one TikTok video of the year — he believed this, he loved it,” Fallon explained to the audience. “Yesterday, we flew him and his granddaughter to New York and he thinks he’s about to be interviewed on a radio show and get a tour of 30 Rock. He has no clue what’s going down.”

Richy was brought out for his "first radio interview" and was shocked to be standing on stage right next to Fallon and Dua Lipa herself. “I read somewhere that one of your dreams is to dance with Dua Lipa," Fallon told Richy. The Roots proceeded to lay down a version of her hit song "Don't Stop Now" while the two hugged and danced.

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