You've Heard Of Wordle. Now There's Heardle For Music Lovers

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Not only have you probably heard of Wordle, but you've already integrated it into your daily routine. Whether you wake up to a five-letter word or catch the new puzzle when it drops at midnight, you're probably addicted to the New York Times' newest craze.

Now, there's a new Wordle-inspired game at your fingertips for music lovers — Heardle!

Heardle has been trending on Twitter all week. According to the game's website, each song of the day is "randomly plucked from a list of the most-streamed songs in the past decade."

To play, you can visit The website calls it "a respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist."

Here's how it works:

Your job is to guess the song of the day by listening to its intro. Your guesses will unlock more of the song — whether they're correct or skipped. To guess, turn up your device's volume and type in the song you think it is in the box. The goal is to guess the song in as few tries as possible — and yes, you can skip until you're able to guess, if you want to. And then of course, the fun part, is to share your score with your friends on social media.

Happy Heardle-ing!

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