Dr. Phil Has 10 Tips for Coexisting During Quarantine

This is what my wife Stephanie and I were talking about the other night! We actually had friends (albeit single friends) ask how we were gonna handle little to no separation for the time being.

Well, lucky for us, Dr. Phil has a 10-step plan to assist in times like these!

  1. Be Honest! Acknowledge up front that you're stuck together and this is how it has to be.
  2. Make a list of annoyances! The more up front you are about what you can't stand about one another, the more likely you are to avoid these behaviors.
  3. Don't argue in front of the kiddos! Obviously, this is self-explanatory!
  4. Have a SAFE WORD! Know when to say when, so you can end an argument and walk away!
  5. Rotation time. Alternate your time in different parts of the house so that you're not always on top of each other.
  6. Use headphones! Listen to a some music or a podcast and enjoy a little alone time.
  7. Vary your routine. Try not to do the same thing every day. Mix it up!
  8. Don't be a disgusting slug! Instead of wearing yesterdays clothes when you get up in the morning, take a shower, get ready, and do what you normally would do if you were leaving the house.
  9. Pay attention to the first 4 minutes of your day! Remember that what you do in those first few minutes each day, and the interaction you have with your significant other will set the tone for the rest of the day.
  10. Before you judge someone, keep in mind that you're probably a piece of (s**t) too! (Dr. Phil's words, not mine!)