Delta Apologizes For 'Creepy Napkins'

Delta Air Lines' attempt to make flying more fun and sociable has fallen flat and now the carrier is apologizing.

It all has to do with the napkins Delta was passing out to passengers on flights. The airline partnered with Diet Coke to print out napkins which read, "Because you're on a plane with interesting people and hey … you never know." On the backside there was a spot to write a name and a phone number. 

There was also small print which read, "Be a little old school. Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know …” 

Although the napkins were intended to make flying more friendly and enjoyable, they didn't sit well with some passengers and social media users. One person tweeted, "These napkins are creepy. Pretty sure no one appreciated unsolicited phone numbers in the ‘good old days’ and they sure as heck don’t want the number of someone who has been gawking at them on a plane for hours today. Not a good look."

Delta says it is removing the napkins and replacing them with regular Diet Coke ones. ( USA Today )

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