Noah Cyrus Talks 'July,' Hearing Her Song On KIIS For The First Time + More

Noah Cyrus joined JoJo Wright in studio back at the beginning of March to talk about her new song "July", her fear of spiders, hearing her song on the radio for the first time and more!

Back when Noah released her song "Make Me (Cry)", she was in the drive-thru at In N Out with her mom and manager at 9pm because they heard JoJo was going to play the song on KIIS-FM.

We're in the drive-thru and we hear you say 'this is Noah Cyrus Make Me Cry" and my mom pauses the order and starts yelling 'THAT'S MY BABY!'

Now Noah is back in the studio and talking about her new song "July," which she says is the most meaningful song she has put out to date.

It's meaningful and truthful. It's very word for word about my life and my first-hand experience of a toxic relationship and being completely manipulated by somebody. That relationship just took over my life and when I got out of it, the song just came to me. It sealed the door for me.

Watch the full interview below!