The Dirty Thirties!

Turning thirty……I remember when I was in my 20’s and I really thought that 30 year olds were so grown up and mature. I feel so far from that…HILARIOUS! I don’t have many girlfriends… core group of girlfriends consists of 5 girls. One is married and is a mother of a one year old. I have another friend who has a 10 year old who I swear has the soul of an 80 year old man. My other friend lives with her significant other and she swears she is in love, so I am sure she is the next one to get married. I don’t see that happening for me anytime soon. For the longest time, I felt like I was behind on the “time line” and my main goal was to try and be in a relationship. I made a lot of silly decisions in my 20’s due to the fact I was so desperate to date someone. I tried to force relationships to happen and pushed situations I should have just left alone. I think a lot of women make those same mistakes because they feel the pressure of society to date, marry, and have kids. I can’t express how happy I am I didn’t make any permanent mistakes, and I did not stay in those relationships longer than I did. This last year made me grow mentally in so many ways, a growth I have never experienced. I think things, and by “things” I mean life, just finally started making sense. I am finally at a point where I don’t care about other peoples’ opinion of me. It’s such a freeing feeling! I think some people figure out their purpose early on in life, a small percentage but I do think it’s possible. My married friend who has the baby is absolutely happy. They dated for years and they do have a real partnership and I love seeing it. They were definitely made for each other. So I do think it is possible to do the whole family thing in your 20’s and for it to be successful, I just don’t think that was in the books for me. I think my purpose might be different and I finally am at peace with that. I feel the most comfortable in my own skin that I have ever felt. So I don’t feel bad about turning 30 and life looking different than I imagined it would have. I am happy it’s different. I’m in a great place mentally. I need to get in shape physically, but that’s a whole other story! 30’s are great! To any other women in my same situation…..don’t worry about any timelines! Enjoy every moment life has to offer as it comes, and learn to love yourself. When you do that, life becomes so much easier.