Remember The Movie School Of Rock?? Two Actors Who Met On Set ARE TOGETHER!

So you remember the movie School of Rock with Jack Black? Of course you do it had this legendary scene...

I was so upset that my teachers never used this method. There were a million legendary scenes from that movie but I picked this specific one because that little blonde girl with the pig tails (I think that's what it's called) is ONE OF THE ACTORS WHO IS WITH ANOTHER ACTOR FROM THIS MOVIE!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!

Imagine not only getting to be a part of this amazing movie BUT ALSO meeting your soulmate??? Come on guys save some destiny for the rest of us I mean SHEESH. But for real the second I heard this news I just had such a warm fuzzy feeling that I needed to watch the movie again only to find out it's not available to stream for free you have to pay for it. Honestly though, might be worth it.