Girl Straight Up Cracked Every Bone In Her Body SHEESH

Okay so I'll be honest I crack my knuckles sometimes. It's just satisfying for some reason. But this.. THIS??? This just makes my whole body cringe. I had this roommate who I love (Don't hate me for saying this dude I know you're reading this hahah) but when he would crack his knuckles it wasn't just that. It's a whole production like the hands, the wrists, the neck, the back, lick my p.. Sorry got sidetracked. But basically it was always soooo many cracks. And the best was whenever we were in the movie theater (wow remember those days pre covid SHEESH) it would be at the quietest most pivotal moment and one of my best friends JUST GOES ON A CRACKING SPREE!!

So anyway yeah I just had to share that story because seeing this video instantly reminds me of that