Jordan Peele Teases His Next Super Thriller

Jordan Peele, the maker of the massively successful hit thrillers Get Out and Us has finally announced his next big film.

It's been 2 years since his last horror-mystery thriller has hit the theaters, and now we have another one to look forward to! Jordan Peele, mostly known for co-staring in the hilarious Comedy Central show Key and Peele, has recently proved himself to be an incredibly unique storyteller in the horror genre. His first film Get Out has made $255 million worldwide (with only a $4.5 million budget!) and his career as a director immediately skyrocketed, with many comparing him to be a modern-day Hitchcock.

Peele recently made a post on Instagram, finally revealing the title and poster of his movie - and the mystery of it is making us cry for at least a promo trailer.

All we know is that the title of the movie is NOPE, and the poster reveals nothing more than an ominous cloud looming over the city... that's it!

The suspense is already on, and who knows how long it'll be until we finally get a trailer for it. We do know that the film comes out July 22nd, 2022, so a teaser trailer could be on its way in the upcoming months. Do you notice anything in this poster that we might've missed? I personally get a lot of IT vibes from this, but we'll just have to wait and see just what this movie is about when the trailer releases.

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