Chris Hemsworth Orders $72 Worth of KFC For His Next Role

Whatcha gonna do, when Chris-mania and his 15 original chicken pieces run wild on you?!?

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth surprised some workers at an Australian KFC by ordering perhaps the largest portion of fast-food chicken any mortal man could possibly comprehend. That's a total of 15 chicken pieces, a regular size chicken combo, and four regular popcorn chicken meals... all for a low price of $72.25!

Photo: GC Images

Now you might be thinking, yo, Chris, save some chicken for the rest of the Australian continent, man. But there's actually a reason for this insane portion of fast food. Hemsworth has been bulking up for his next big role as Hulk Hogan in the upcoming Netflix biopic. His personal trainer has mentioned that he actually eats about six to eight meals a day, with each meal averaging about 450 calories.

Honestly, if someone told me to eat that amount of KFC, I'd probably die. In fact, if you asked me who could take on a meal like this, I'd also probably say Hulk Hogan, so this all makes sense to me. Seems like the perfect way to get into the role!

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