Study Shows More Americans Are Returning to Live Entertainment

Looks like you can expect more live shows, concerts, and major festivals in the soon-to-be future!

I don't know if you've noticed it, but I definitely have. Live events are back and they're coming back fast. With more Americans vaccinated and Covidc19 cases dropping, people are getting more comfortable with participating in sporting events, concerts, and more. According to a poll done by Allianz Partners USA, about 55% of Americans said they're planning to attend at least one ticketed event before the year is up. About 16% from that same survey said they plan to see at least three or more!

Arizona Cardinals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Not only is this the result of maybe the biggest joint cabin fever we've ever had as a country, but live event coordinators have gotten into the groove of ensuring the safety of their participants and employees, like increasing spacing, checking temperatures, and making mask requirements. This summer will definitely go down as the summer we finally started to become more social again.

You may not be the one to go out to a loud rock concert, but maybe you're like me, and you're just happy that your local tabletop store is cool with your Dungeons and Dragons group being maskless. I've already been able to go to the movies, go to a bar with friends, and stand in a chipotle line without feeling anxious, and it's awesome. It made me realize just how important these events are to help us escape a little. Fingers crossed, it'll get better with time. Until then, keep an eye on your favorite artists, and don't be surprised if they start dropping their tour dates soon.

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