How To Make "Hot Chocolate Bombs" For The Holiday Season

Hot chocolate bombs have taken over the internet. Since its debut on TikTok, the fun, interactive dessert has sparked more than 13.9 million views. I had to look up how to make some of my own, and I found out it's surprisingly easier than I thought! All you need is some chocolate, a silicone mold, a mug, and some hot milk and you're all set to make this awesome new treat-yo-self worthy beverage. Here's how to do it!

Grab some milk and your favorite chocolate brand, and look for a silicone mold to make the bomb. A semi-circle will do fine since it'll sit comfortably at the bottom of the mug. Melt down your chocolate and fill up the silicone molds like chocolatey ice cubes, and set them in the freezer to solidify overnight.

The next day, place one of those chocolate bombs in your mug, heat up some milk, and pour it into the mug. You'll start to see the magic happen as the hot milk melts away the chocolate into a steamy, bubbly, chocolatey pool. Throw whatever toppings you'd like like marshmallows or chocolate flakes and enjoy!

I think after a few tries I might get a little crazy and make a white chocolate bomb with coffee instead of hot milk. I already can't wait for my next lazy Sunday.

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