Top 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time to Marathon While Social Distancing

It's a tough year for anyone that's a huge fan of sports. Due to Covid_19, almost every major sport has cancelled its season to prevent the spread of the virus from the NFL to the MLB and the NBA. Although some leagues are considering to reopen for the next season without fans in stadiums, we honestly aren't sure when might be the next time we'll get to cheer for our teams again.

With our favorite sports on hold, the Associated Press' 70-person panel of journalists voted on their favorite sports films of all time, and below are the top 10 along with their rotten tomato scores. While looking at this list, I saw an awesome opportunity to embark on the greatest sports movie marathon of all time.

In a time like this, it always helps to make the most of what you have. Even though we might not be able to enjoy live sports, we can still enjoy the stories they create that remind us why they're so great in the first place. So if you're a sports fanatic, grab your jersey, heat up some popcorn and check out these top 10 best sports films of all time!

1.Hoosiers(1986) - 89%

2 (tie). Bull Durham(1988) - 97%

2 (tie).Rocky(1976) - 94%

4.Caddyshack(1980) - 74%

5.Slap Shot(1977) - 85%

6.Field of Dreams(1989) - 86%

7.Raging Bull(1980) - 94%

8 (tie).Major League(1989) - 83%

8 (tie).The Natural(1984) - 82%

10.A League of Their Own(1992) - 78%

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