PlayStation Reveals Its Next-Gen "DualSense" Controller

Social distancing has brought a lot of people back to gaming, and with the next generation of consoles being right around the corner, we're finally getting more info on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

After a long wait, PlayStation has finally given us a surprise look into their next generation controller, the "DualSense." For the first time, the controller deviates away from it's slim grip to something that resembles something similar to Xbox's controllers, or the new Nintendo Switch Controller.

Fans are currently split on the look. To be honest, I'm a little 50-50 to the look of the controller, but I think with enough time the design will grow on me. What I do like about the DualSense is that it shows that PlayStation will probably use this generation as an opportunity to try new things and push its design forward.

According to PlayStation, the size of the controller is apparently meant for all of the internal hardware inside of it, which is suppose to emulate sensations to create a more immersive experience while holding it.

I'm excited to see demos of the final product, and hopefully more information about the PS5 that will be out soon. If you want to see more of an in depth review of the controller, check out the video below!

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