The Petition to Name Dr. Anthony Fauci People's Sexiest Man Alive Grows

Recently a petition was posted on, the popular online petition platform, to name Dr. Anthony Fauci People's Sexiest Man Alive. That petition is now just about a thousand signatures away from hitting its goal, and it's growing fast. has been a popular way for citizens to post and achieve tons of great petitions, both serious and fun. Recent victories include giving whole foods workers paid sick leave during the coronavirus, making universities change the grading scale during the coronavirus, and even making Netflix's auto-play feature finally optional. Now it looks like the internet really wants to show some appreciation for Dr. Anthony Fauci for doing some of the most important work in the midst of the pandemic.

Here is the description of the petition:

"Dr. Anthony Fauci is America’s top expert on infectious diseases. His tireless work to educate and support Americans has affected all of us.

His comforting and intelligent demeanor has helped to lessen our national anxiety. He speaks truth to power, a strength few have at this time. His kind face and manner of speaking bring calm during the storm.

For sapiophiles and many others, he is the definitive Sexiest Man Alive in 2020. "

I agree, intelligence is sexy. Also being a calm leader in the time of crisis is sexy, so I'd give him my vote. We have plenty of Ryan Reynolds, David Beckhams and Bradly Coopers on the roster, so I'm all for switching it up... how about you?

You can click the link to the petition here

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