This Website Will Calculate How Long Your Toilet Paper Will Last

Toilet paper is somehow the oil of 2020. Ever since the coronavirus started to rise in its confirmed cases in the U.S., Americans have decimated every Costco and local grocery store's supply of toilet paper. Some buying them in bulks so big you'd think they were prepping for the zombie apocalypse, yet the hand soap is always fully stocked... what's up with that?

It's been about two weeks now, and I haven't seen a pack of that rolled white gold anywhere. Luckily for me, I still had a solid amount stocked, but Americans all over the country have been stressed on their hunts to find more toilet paper.

It's mainly the result of panic. People are scared, and are probably not well-informed. It can be hard to judge how much toilet paper you actually need, so here's a website that will tell you how long your stock of toilet paper will last through the quarantine!

It's called:

Hopefully it'll give you an idea of how long your paper will last, even if you don't buy any packs until the suggested quarantine ends!

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