"The Batman" Full Suit and Motorcycle Pictures Have Leaked

The Dark Knight is back and the first images of Robert Pattinson's batsuit have just leaked on the internet.

First I'll start off by saying yes, there is another Batman movie in the works, and yes, Robert Pattinson will be adopting the role as the caped crusader. The unauthorized pictures were taken in Scotland at the Glasgow Necropolis cemetery.

The actual person behind the mask in these photos is the stunt double, performing for Pattinson while shooting scenes on the new "Batcycle." We can see that there isn't a cape on the suit in this scene, and the overall look of the armor has a more realistic texture that we haven't seen on a batsuit yet. It still looks unfinished to me, but I think that it'll look completely different once it's filmed and edited in post-production.

We still have yet to see official stills of the batsuit, but for now these pictures will give everyone an idea of what the full suit will look like. What do you think? Is the movie industry over saturated with super-hero films yet, or are you looking forward to seeing another Batman film?

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