British Parrot Goes Missing and Returns Home Speaking Spanish

Sometimes I underestimate how smart animals can be. My cat has figured out how to scratch and destroy my furniture quietly enough so I won't notice, and earlier today I learned that dogs can memorize more than 1,000 human words. But this right here is some next level stuff.

Nigel, a friendly, grey African Parrot came home to his owner in California after wandering around the world for four years. The parrot even picked up Spanish while on his adventures, and his original British accent was replaced by a Spanish one. At first the owner and his parrot were confused when they reunited. Nigel kept bringing up some guy named "Lary" and spoke Spanish phrases, but the owner knew immediately that it was his long lost buddy.

I'm just stuck here wondering so many things... who is Lary? Where else did Nigel go in those four long years of hiatus? Was Nigel using that travel time to explore the world and take a break, or was he using it to go rouge and adopt a new life... I guess we'll truly never know.

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