Teens Are Using Door Dash Instead of Having Home-Cooked Meals

Teens have been passing on mom's meatloaf and ordering out hot meals with the popular food-delivery app, Door Dash. The app allows you to order from fast food to higher quality restaurants, have it picked up and delivered to you. Although it has a little extra of a fee, it can be nice to not have to worry about driving to pick it up, especially when you're all cozy and don't want to leave in your pajamas to get it. Seriously, I wish I had this option when I was a kid. My friends and I would've been playing Halo 3 til' no end.

Here's the thing... parents are pretty upset because they're usually the only ones paying for it. Its happening all of the country as well. A mother in Tacoma, Washington said her daughter ordered Thai food when she already cooked chili for dinner. Another in New Jersey said she came home to her son ordering in fancy date-night Fettuccine Alfredo for him and his girlfriend.

Moms all around the world may be slowly losing their kids to Chipotle, but all is not lost. You just have to adapt to the changes. So parents, you might need to step up your cooking game... or just make sure you don't always give your kids your credit card information.

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