Studies Show Lack of Sleep Make People Eat More

Apparently a lack of sleep can boost your appetite for food... and not the healthy kind.

According to a recent group of studies, missing out on sleep can lead to a system in the brain that's rewarded when exposed to food stimuli. According to researchers, even a little bit of sleep loss can make the "brain at risk for hyperactivation to food triggers in everyday life, which could be a risk factor for obesity and lifestyle diseases."

Although it's a great excuse to get me to eat more burgers and fries, it's probably not the best way to start of the new year. So how much sleep should we get to avoid this? Studies show that it's best to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. So just remember, less sleep makes unhealthy food look even tastier for your brain.

We're four days into the new year, so our temptations to break our resolutions might be high! But there's still lots of ways we can make it easier to stick to our goals. If you're trying to avoid unhealthy eating habits, catch some Z's without pizza.

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