WATCH: Justin Bieber Releases New "Yummy" Lyric Video

Justin Bieber just release the lyric video to his latest single "Yummy."

If you don't mind getting hypnotized by an infinite swirl of cotton-candy pink ice cream while listening to Bieb's sweet-and-catchy melodies, don't be afraid to smack that play button on the video below. The song features a relaxed, hip-hop beat with mellow trap inspirations, and the chorus is catchy enough to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Looking at the comments, many of his fans are a little underwhelmed by the lyrics, and I kind of agree with them... I think they needed some extra sprinkles. But I also don't think the lyrics are meant to be deep, I think the song itself is just meant to give us a sneak peak into what his new album will sound like.

The official video is set to release tomorrow at noon. Check out the full lyric video here!

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