Rob Gronkowski Slams Lego Steve Harvey to the Ground Live On New Years Eve

Live TV is always risky. You can't predict everything that's going to happen and it's not rare for something to go wrong.

This year on Fox's New Years Eve, Steve Harvey was given a Lego portrait version of himself to promote an upcoming Lego show that's set to air on their network. Pretty cool right? Like, I didn't even know that I wanted a Lego version of my head until I saw his (Seriously, hit me up if you're into building Lego heads, I'll hire you). But all of that was ruined in a single moment when NFL star Rob Gronkowski slammed Lego Steve to the ground in all of his frat-like glory.

Lego Steve (may he rest in pieces) was scrammed all over the floor and Steve's face was left in shock. It was a face that no absurd Family Feud answer could ever recreate. What we get afterwards is a solid minute of Steve yelling at Rob saying things like, "What is wrong with you? You're mentally imbalanced!" while Rob continues to do a pelvic thrust dance and waves his hands in the air like he's at Coachella. Unreal.

I have to admit, almost every New Years Eve party I've ever been to has put on a live broadcast of the annual ball drop in the Big Apple. Although we tuned in to countdown the final seconds of our previous decade, we didn't watch the entire live broadcast of what was happening in Times Square... and I'm a little sad now that I missed this gem.

Check it out below!

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