Oculus Quest Is A Virtual Reality Game Changer

The Oculus virtual-reality company has released their newest headset, the Oculus Quest, and it looks like the most promising VR device yet.

Virtual Reality headsets have been around for some time now, but they've been too expensive, bulky, filled with wires and too uncomfortable to play. Although they were introduced commercially this decade, they haven't been as common as basic gaming consoles in homes, but this could potentially shift virtual reality's popularity in the next few years.

The Oculus Quest is a new, light, all-in-one setup with no wires, that will allow you to play games, watch movies and even see virtual-live concerts of your favorite artists for the price of $399. That may seem like a lot, but compare that to some headsets worth up to $1,399 for about the same quality that still have wires.

I've been wondering a lot about where the 2020's could go. In 2009, I would never have predicted 90% of the things that happened this decade, so get curious when I see things like this. This device is easily a game changer in the VR market. If there's any take away from this product, it's that VR is only getting better and cheaper as time goes on.

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