There Is Now An Official Keanu Reeves Day

Get ready, because May 21st, 2021 will be the first ever Keanu Reeves Day.

I've been a fan of just about every movie that Keanu Reeve's been in... except for that The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, that one was meh. I've been recently obsessed with the John Wick franchise, and I almost lost my mind when I heard that there's a fourth Matrix film in the making.

So while scrolling through Twitter, I saw Keanu Reeves Day trending and found out something I wasn't ready for. The fourth installment in the John Wick series AND the fourth Matrix film will be out on the exact same day. Not sure if it was intentional, but I'm happy it happened that way.

Until then, I'm going to buy a piggy bank that looks like Keanu for the big day, cause I'm about to spend way too much money at the movies.

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