Potential Charlotte MLS Team Trademarks Revealed

Charlotte's Major League Soccer team could be right around the corner.

A recent tweet revealed which potential team trademarks team-owner David Temper is applying for. Although it's not set and stone just yet, the odds of Charlotte becoming the 30th MLS team is incredibly likely, and it may not be long until we receive the final confirmation.

Here are the seven trademarks:

  1. Charlotte FC
  2. Charlotte Crown FC
  3. Charlotte Fortune FC
  4. Charlotte Monarchs FC
  5. Charlotte Athletic FC
  6. Charlotte Town FC
  7. Carolina Gliders FC
  8. All Carolina FC

My personal favorite three are Charlotte Monarchs FC, Charlotte Crown FC, and Charlotte Fortune FC. They're nice nods to what the city is known for. By far, the worst in my opinion are Carolina Gliders FC, Charlotte Town FC, and All Carolina FC.

Fingers crossed we'll get an announcement soon. If all goes well, the Carolinas will be great for football fans AND futball fans alike.

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