The Panthers Are Preparing To Trade Cam Newton

What a season to be a Panthers fan...

When I moved to Charlotte after college, I finally decided to keep up with the NFL. I've never been a sports guy, but with most of my friends being huge football fans, I thought this would be the best opportunity to follow the franchise. I also just became an American citizen, so c'mon... what am I doing if I don't have a team?

So I threw on my first, cheap Panthers shirt from Michaels, headed to the bars, and cheered on my team each Sunday... and it has been awesome.

Although we lost our first few games, we began to pick up momentum in the middle of the season, and for the first time I was able to see what made professional sports so fun. We had some great moments, and we definitely had some embarrassing moments, but we all complained together, and we all celebrated together. It was something uniquely tribal that made me feel a little more connected to the new city, and it hooked me to the team.

With that in mind, I'm committed to them Panthers, but wow, a lot of changes look like they're coming. Head coach Ron Rivera was fired in the middle of the season, and now it was just announced that the Panthers are looking to trade our MVP quarterback Cam Newton in the off-season.

From what I've been explained by my more experienced football buddies, David Tepper, the newest owner of the Panthers is ready to make some big changes to the franchise. Rivera was the first big switch-up, and now trading Newton could be the next big step in revamping the team.

What do you think about this potential change? Are you excited for the future of this franchise? Whatever happens, good or bad, I'll be there with you, ready to celebrate and complain.

Keep pounding!

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers

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