WATCH: Official Trailer for Disney's Mulan

Tis' the season for movie previews. Disney has finally released the full trailer for their new live-action re-adaptation of Mulan.

It's been 4 months since the last teaser came out, and we're now getting a much better look into what we can expect from the movie. Unlike the previous live-action remakes of famous Disney animations, Mulan looks like it's leaving out a few elements and adding a lot more action. There won't be any musical numbers from the original, and we don't have any mention of Mushu either.

I think some of these changes could be a good thing. The Lion King remake didn't get the best feedback, and the main issue with fans was that it was too similar to the original and the music wasn't as great. This new version Mulan looks like it's taking a familiar story and telling it in a different way that makes more sense outside of animation, and so far it looks interesting!

You can check out the full trailer here:

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