Walmart is Selling Flavor Drops That Make Water Taste Like Rosé

Are you a fan of rosé? Well you're in luck then, because Walmart is pumping their new "Rosé Drink Enhancer" in a store near you!

The "Rosé Wine Drink Enhancer" is a flavor drop that will make your boring, non-alcoholic glass of water taste like an exciting, non-alcoholic glass of Walmart Rosé. It was recently discovered on Instagram and posted by the account @Candyhunting, and it's likely that there are other flavors like sangria available as well.

I think wine is one of the few alcoholic drinks that people can actually enjoy for the taste, but I'm not sure if this flavor enhancer will be able to replicate the bubbly magic of a true rosé.

Get ready, because water-to-wine jokes coming are going to be everywhere this season.

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