Billie Eilish Fans Defend Her For Not Knowing Who Van Halen Is

As of right now, even Van Halen fans agree that Billie Eilish is the bad guy.

Billie Eilish appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week to talk about her recent Grammy nominations and her upcoming birthday. During the interview, Kimmel read as many 1980s cultural milestones as possible to see if the 17-year-old pop-star could identify any of them. Surprise, surprise, she didn't know anything about pop culture from 30 years before she was even born. She admitted she's never watched Ghostbusters, never held a Cabbage Patch Kid, and never heard of Van Halen. It was a fun segment... until Van Halen got serious on Twitter.

Baby Boomers who grew up in the prime of Van Halen's career weren't happy that Billie couldn't even recognize the name of the band. Her fans, along with other celebrities have had to defend her recently for admitting that she didn't know the group. One fan tweeted, "Who cares if a teenager doesn't know the music you knew when you were a teen? Introduce them!" Even Jimmy Kemmel came out say, "If you asked me questions about 1943, I probably wouldn't know the answers either."

If Billie was a mountain splitting, demon-summoning, master guitar shredder, then yes, you would assume that she's at least heard of the band, and then maybe it would make sense to be surprised. But not everyone is raised on classic rock.

Just remember, ranting at a teenager for not knowing your favorite band... yeah, maybe not the best way to get them to like it.

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