Treasure Hunters Find $15 Million Worth of Viking Jewelery and Sent To Jail

If you've ever stumbled upon some rare, shiny artifact while traveling abroad, you might want to consider turning that sucker in so you don't get tossed into prison.

Two treasure hunters in the United Kingdom found over 1,000 year-old Viking-Era treasure that was worth up to $15 million dollars. It's the law to report your findings in the UK, but the two finders decided to go rouge and sell their loot through antiquities dealers... but they weren't so lucky.

The two got caught and were sentenced up to 10 years in prison. They found that this missing treasure was of incredible historic significance, which provided insight on a period when Saxons and Vikings were at war for the control of England. Had they turned in the horde, they would've been able to walk away with about 500,000 pounds (Approx. $645,100) each.

So remember, the next time you go outside and actually manage to find buried treasure, make sure to check with the law about those findings, or just be really good at keeping secrets. Good thing we've never found any treasure... right?

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