Motorola Razr Announces New Folding Smartphone!

The 2010's has been an incredible decade for smartphones, but it feels like we've hit a plateau. Most smartphones, whether Apple or Android, pretty much look the same and just about do the same thing with small differences in its hardware and software features. So now the question we ask ourselves is, "where else can we go from here?'

While we're sliding into the next decade, a few "foldable" smartphones have been announced. Samsung came out with the Galaxy Fold, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Surface Duo, and Huawei announced the Mate X. All of them experimenting with the idea of a phone that can fold without being gimmicky.

But there's a new contender to the competition... and it might be the best one yet.

Get ready Millennials, the Motorola Razr is back, and it looks awesome. While other folding smartphones have been designed to give you twice the screen size, this one goes back to its roots, making it a smaller phone to carry in your pocket. Also, I mean come on... who could forget how satisfying it was to wrap up a call and close one of these things in your hand?

So far, it's easily my favorite concept and I'm really curious to see how it plays out, but the biggest drawback... It's starting price is at $1500! (Yikes)

Although I definitely won't be able to afford one of these anytime soon, it's nice to see that it at least exists. It makes sense why it's so expensive, because the technology is still new. But if it works, maybe more folding smartphone's will start showing up on the market. And if the average price goes down, then finally, we might be able to hang up with some style again!

What do you think? Would you get a Motorola Razr? You can check out all of its specs on their website here:

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