Jerry Thibeau, CEO, Weeee

In 1985, Jerry Thibeau started off his career as an automotive salesman and then transitioned into the computer industry, selling hardware and software solutions. In 2010 Jerry decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship and Phone Ninjas was launched.  Phone Ninjas is a software-based phone training platform that analyzes sales calls while providing constructive coaching back to salespeople to help improve their appointment-setting skills. Since Phone Ninjas, Jerry has launched four other businesses including Weeee, which is his latest venture.

Weeee Mission:

Weeee stands for: Welcome to the App of Everything for Everyone, Everywhere and Everyday. Weeee started off as a dream to help world travelers find fun things happening in unfamiliar cities they were visiting. Since launching the initial application, we have realized there is so much more we can encompass in the Weeee app.  Our goal is to provide our user base with the features of many apps, combined in one app, tied to one profile using their favorite payment processing methods. Weeee is also going to transition into helping small businesses connect with consumers at a fraction of the cost they are currently paying with other application providers. Our mission is to offer affordable life solutions to our consumers on a platform that will remain politically neutral and non-judgmental of the choices people make in their lives.

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