This Viral Video Of A Woman Being Attacked Is P*ssing Everyone Off

There's a video that's been circulating online for the past few days and it's making people really upset and really angry at the same time. It looks like the video was originally posted back in June of 2018, but is trending once again. The footage shows a woman walking alone at night when a man follows her into what looks to be an alley or the entrance to a building.

What happens next is pretty freakin' scary... Until the big reveal.


Sooo it was a prank?!!!?!!?!!

I swear my heart jumped out of my chest at least three times watching that the first time around!! Not only was the ending not funny AT ALL, but it's pretty scary that the people who pulled the prank thought it would be.

People are reacting just how you think they would:


Not at all funny!

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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