Shawn Mendes' Trainer Posts Video Of The Singer's Workout On Instagram

Do you want to look like Shawn Mendes?! Well, now you can! The singer's trainer Josh Adamson posted a video of some intense moves earlier this week, sparking the #ShawnMendesChallange all throughout his fandom. 

Now we see why he has buns of steel! “This is the first time that I’ve given @shawnmendes this exercise and he does it with such ease," Adamson captioned the video. 

"His athletic ability is amazing because for most people this is a very hard movement to do...on top of that I had this at the start of a 3 exercise giant set 🔥🔥🔥"

Fans everywhere are trying the jump squat move! Not all of them have the hang of it though... 

Can you do it?? 

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