Here's What I Got My Nerdy Dad For Christmas (PHOTO)


Let me start this by saying, my dad HATES being called "nerdy"! So only I get to say it...

If you listen in to the show, you know that for weeks leading up to Christmas I was talking nonstop about the amazing gift my two siblings and I got my dad. We knew that we wanted to get him something memorable, something that he could appreciate on multiple levels. 

My big brother, Brad, was the one who reminded us that we'd always wanted to get my dad something super Star Wars-y since we were kids. No necessarily because he'd been asking for it, but because we knew he loved watching the movies and pretending that normal sticks were lightsabers when we were younger. 

So we decided it was time...



But not just any lightsaber! This one was a super fancy lightsaber. It makes authentic noises, reacts when you hit it against something, flashes silver when dueling, etc. It was perfect. 

My brother actually designed it. He picked the color of the saber and chose the handle off of a website called Was it expensive? Yes. Was it totally worth it? YES. Every penny. 

The exact handle we got was the Archon v2.1.

Swipe through my IG post to see my dad's initial reaction! He knew what it was as soon as he read the card. It was one of the most perfect moments in my life. 

What did you end up getting your parents for the holidays? Anything super nerdy??

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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