John C. Reilly Went Off On Marshmello For Refusing To Take Off His Helmet

According to some sources that were backstage at Good Morning America, actor John C. Reilly got really P.O.'ed at Marshmello!

The DJ reportedly refused to take off his helmet to meet Reilly. 

Page Six writes that Reilly went "ballistic" when Marshmello declined to remove his iconic helmet, which he wears to conceal his identity. 

“John is a fan and asked to meet Marshmello,” a spy told Page Six. “He asked if he would take his head off, and he didn’t. It really upset him.”

“He was like, ‘Deadmau5 took his costume off to say hello. How dare this guy not do it!’ He was insanely angry. People at the studio could hear it,” the insider said. Another source added, “Apparently, Marshmello has a policy that he will not speak when the mask is on, which only exacerbated the situation.”



HOWEVER, another source urges that Reilly was just joking around and wasn't really angry at all. “Everything was fine. Marshmello did speak and they took a photo in the hall. He did not remove his mask. It was brief. There was no negative interaction. It was chill and casual. There was no weird vibe. John seemed to know what the deal was.”

So what really happened? Guess we'll never know...

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