Here's Why Shawn Mendes Hasn't Been Very Active On Social Media Lately


Shawn Mendes hasn't really been posting on the socials lately. While I hadn't noticed, I guess a ton of fans had because the "Lost In Japan" singer took to Twitter on Monday to explain himself. 

"Hey, sorry i haven’t been very active on social media lately," he wrote.

"Been struggling with it and the last thing i wanna do is post something because i feel like i have to instead of want to you know? I always just want to be 100% real with you guys always!"


Mendes goes on to explain that he didn't want to post just to post. 


After receiving a ton of positive feedback for his explanation, the Shawn came back to thank everyone for being so nice! 

We love when fan armies show out for their faves. 


It is kinda crazy that we all feel pressured into posting on social media and constant participation. Sometimes we all need breaks! 

We're here for ya, Shawn. Take as long as you need!


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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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