(VIDEO) Fan Flung Over Bleachers In Crazy Rams Vs. Vikings Game

(via TMZ) - "The war at the Coliseum wasn't just on the field Thursday night -- a bunch of fans got into a brawl in the stands ... with one guy getting tossed over several rows of bleachers!!

The standoff began just before the end of the 1st half ... a Rams fan got into it with several Vikings fans. 

You can see the Rams fan smack a female Vikings fan in the face ... and then it gets crazy. 

Punches are thrown, a beer gets tossed, a woman gets her hair pulled (hard!) and then the Rams fan grabs a dude ... and FLINGS HIM OVER 4 ROWS OF BLEACHERS!"

Read more and see the video via TMZ!

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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