Some Restaurants Are Banning Cell Phones So Diners Will Talk To Each Other

Some restaurants in New York City are banning cell phone use, saying that their customers are spending more time on their phones than engaging with each other throughout their meal. 

John Winterman of restaurant Batard in Tribeca told WCBS reporter Jessica Layton, "You walk by a table and there's somebody playing a video game. Or people made a note they're celebrating their anniversary and you barely see them speak to each other over the course of the two and a half hour dinner."



It definitely makes sense. I also feel like I can't put my phone down!

Restaurant owners are banning cell phones as an attempt to keep restaurants' atmosphere's social. 

"No cell phones on the table, at dinner, everyone talks ... and this is my home ... and when you come into my home, my restaurant -- that's how we run our restaurant," Mario Gigliotti, the owner of Italian restaurant Il Triangolo in Queens, told WCBS.

What do you think of the new rule? Should restaurants everywhere start doing this?

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