This Charlotte Spot Was Just Named Among America's Best Beer Gardens

Guess what! Charlotte’s VBGB Beer Hall and Garden has been named by Thrillist as one of “The 21 Best Beer Gardens in America"!! 

I mean, we kinda already knew that, but thaaaaaaanks!


Especially if you're headed to a show at the AvidXchange Music Factory, this place just hits the spot. 

“But even if it was located next to a ferret-breeding center (good lord, no!), this sprawling beer garden would be a must-visit,” the write-up says. “Beers flow from 30+ local-centric taps into 12-, 18-, and 34-ounce glasses, the latter of which could seriously hinder or help your abilities to play giant Jenga, Connect Four, and chess. But if you really want to channel your inner Maverick, there’s also a five-court volleyball sandbox where you’ll be too busy executing wayward spikes to lament the fact that there’s no Goose (Island) around to help you out.”

Heck yeah!

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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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