Janet Jackson Recreates Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" Video

Michael Jackson would've turned 60-years-old today! In honor of her late brother's birthday, Janet Jackson and comedian Kwaylon Rogers (@blameitonkway) created a remake of Michael's 1992 music video for "Remember The Time."

Janet judges dancers and makes the decision on whether to keep them or do away with them. 

In Michael's original video things were much more serious, with the King and Queen sentencing dancers they didn't like to death. 

Check out Janet's video below:


According to TMZ, "The project came about after Kway and Janet met at the Billboard Awards earlier this year. They hit it off and, soon after, Kway pitched the idea of reimagining Michael's hit video and releasing it Wednesday ... the day he would've turned 60."

Kwaylon is somewhat of a social media celebrity, boasting 3.6 million followers. 


Happy Birthday, MJ!


video via Youtube

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