Drake Changed His Lyrics During A Show To Diss Kanye West (VIDEO)

Who knows, maybe this has nothing to do with Pusha T. Maybe Drake truly fumbled his lyrics during his show this weekend in Chicago. All we have is this video as proof that it happened. 

Drake changed the lyrics in his song "Know Yourself" from "Kanye dropped..." to "Kanye flopped..."

Watch below:


TMZ is saying that Drake's probably still upset with Pusha T and his entire camp for having outed him as a father. Earlier this Summer Pusha T dropped a diss song in which he revealed that Drake has an illegitimate son by a woman named Sophie that he doesn't have much of a relationship with. 

This, according to TMZ, has an immediate tie to Yeezy. 

What do you think? Diss or fumble?

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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