Neopets Is Making A Return With A Mobile App Launching This Fall


According to, Neopets is about to make a major comeback!!!

I used to looooooove playing this game for hours! My dad actually had to give me a time limit on the computer to make sure I wasn't spending entire days with my Neopets. (And Sims. I loved Sims.)

The website is actually still a thing, but this is probably going to be great for the older generation of Neopets lovers. 

"Neopets Legends and Letters was announced at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, and it looks like a cross between Neopets and Scrabble, with a little bit of puzzle gameplay thrown in." reads. 



A sneak peek into the game looks like a dream come true. So many colors, so many stops, so much more fun to be had!

Unfortunately, you won't be able to be play the game on your phone with the same pets/characters as on your browser. But that just means new pets!

Read more about Neopets Legends and Letters HERE!

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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