WATCH: Taylor Swift Gets Stuck In Mid-Air During Live Show

Soooo this is terrifying.

Taylor Swift got stuck in midair during one of her most recent performances!

She's currently on her Reputation tour, and the singer wasn't shy about letting her fans know that she had no idea how she was going to get down. 


The machine that suspends her in the air apparently broke. 

"I'm pretty sure I'm stuck up here," she told the crowd. "It's a nice view though."


She said: "What you just saw was me going like, straight up and down in the sparkly basket. It was supposed to take me to the other side of the stadium. So uh, I'm just gonna figure out what to do next. I'm somehow gonna figure out how to get over there. So what happens now is basically like, I'm just chilling waiting to figure out what happens next. I might just walk."

She eventually got down safe and sound!

Instead of getting off on the B stage like she was supposed to, she just retreated back to the C stage. 

We're glad she's safe!


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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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