Terry Crews Shares Powerful Tweet About Sexual Assault After Being Mocked

Actor Terry Crews recently came forward about having been sexually assaulted in his past. 


Unfortunately, not everyone has been supportive of Crews. Many men have simply questioned why a man of Crews' size and stature didn't *just* fight back. 

Rapper 50 Cent openly mocked the actor on IG earlier this week before eventually deleting the post. 

As you can see above, Russel Simmons also responded by laughing at the post. 

Days after the above post, Crews took to Twitter to further share why he didn't just "beat him up."


Men can be victims of sexual assault as well, and no one knows exactly what they would do if faced with the same circumstances. 


Crews is suing Hollywood agent Adam Venit and his agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME), alleging that Venit groped him at a party in 2016. Venit has denied the claims.

The actor also just turned down a potential Expendables 4 movie after he was instructed to "avoid any problems" in the wake of his claims against Venit. Crews refuses to step down on his allegations. 


As I said above, 50 Cent has since deleted his post mocking Terry Crews. 

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