Two Toddlers Crawl Into Pool, Near-Drownings Caught On Video

Two infants crawled into an above-ground pool just feet away from their mothers and almost drowned. 

Tanah Zuniga and her sister, Karly James, were at home in Fort Worth, Texas when James' 2-year-old son and Zuniga's 17-month-old son ended up opening the back door and crawling out to the pool.

The entire thing was caught on Zuniga's backyard security camera. 

The 2-year-old made his way to the ladder and crawled his way up. 

The child's cousin followed him up, where both babies fell into the water. The older boy actually tried to pull the other out of the water but was unable to. 

Read more of the story and see video of the horrific event via ABC News

source: ABC News

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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