Husband Tells Wife "It's Me Or The Dogs"... Guess Who She Chose

What would you do?!

Mike, 53, gave wife Liz Haslam, 49, a serious ultimatum: pick between him or her 30 dogs.


Liz decided to end her 25-year-long marriage and chose her dogs. 

"I haven't seen or heard from him since," Liz says following her decision. "I thought after 25 years, he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions were."

To give you more insight into why Liz has 30 dogs in the first place, she's managed to set up a successful boarding kennel in Barnham, Suffolk. She also set up BedforBullies, an org which rescues Bull Terriers.

She fosters dogs with behavioral and medical issues as well.

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Source: Unilad

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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